Lennart Kalén

Board member

Board member since 2018

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Born: 1947

Education: Master of Science, MBA and studies at IMI Geneve. Engineer in Building Technologies.

Main employment: Lennart Kalén is Vice Chairman of AB Segulah, and Chairman of Segulah Venture AB.

Other assignments: Lennart Kalén is chairman of Optolexia AB, and board member of Sanbäckens Holding AB.

Previous assignments: Lennart Kalén has worked in company-leading roles internationally within SKF, ABB Fläkt, Alfa Laval, Dahl Sweden / Saint Gobain and has been chairman of Balco Group AB (Nasdaq), DoCu Nordic AB, NEA AB, Previa AB, Sankt Eriks AB.

Holdings in the company: Lennart Kalén represents the Segulah Group with 5,908,146 shares, of which 835,400 shares are owned via own company, 2,580,000 shares via Segulah Venture AB and 1,793,785 shares via AB Segulah.

Other: For the past 20 years, Lennart Kalén has been involved, among other things, as Industrial partner for Segulah Adviser AB with advice for Private Equity funds.