Philip Siberg

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board since 2016

Location: California, USA

Born: 1973

Education: MSc, Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (1997)

Main employment: Philip Siberg’s main employment is as co-founder and CEO of Coala Life Inc.

Other assignments: Philip Siberg is the CEO and deputy board member of Longmeadow Farm AB, as well as adviser to entrepreneurs and startup companies within healthtech.

Previous assignments: For the past five years, Philip Siberg has been, among others, President of Acacia Designs BV (acquired by Senzime in 2016), President of Stille AB (publ.), President and Chairman of Dipylon Medical AB (formerly CMA Microdialysis AB), Board member of Dipylon AB (liquidation ended on 11/27/2014) and Stille Incentive AB.

Holdings in the company: Philip Siberg owns personally and through Longmeadow Farm AB a total of 732,989 shares in Senzime.