Sorin J. Brull


Professor of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic, College of Medicine; practicing academic anesthesiologist with 30 years’ medical experience, MD degree from W VA University and trained at Yale University School of Medicine; Senior Examiner, American Board of Anesthesiology; former US FDA member, Anesthesia and Life Support Drugs Advisory Committee (ALSDAC); Section Editor, Anesthesia & Analgesia journal; accomplished researcher with over 40 federally and industry funded research projects (over $2.4M awarded). Dr. Brull has authored over 400 publications – original research papers, editorials, review articles, book chapters, abstracts and video/audio educational projects. He is a recognized expert speaker, having delivered 60 national and international University Visiting Professorships, 150+ departmental lectures, and over 200 national and international invited lectures. Sustained history as a leading physician, lecturer, author, editor, and proponent of patient safety advancements in anesthesiology. Collaborator on design and implementation of TOF-Watch NMT monitor. Dr. Brull is considered among the world’s leaders in the development and implementation of anesthesia monitoring systems, patient safety and neuromuscular physiology, pharmacology and monitoring.

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