Specific and fast sampling from the surface of an organ

  • Continous sampling

  • Collect biomarkers

  • Minor invasive

  • Minor stress to the organ

Onzurf Probe is based on the microdialysis technique and is an advanced development of the commercial probes already in clinical use. The Onzurf Probe has a unique attachment site, which allows the probe to be easily placed on the surface of an organ without penetrating the tissue and causing unnecessary stress to the organ. Previous preclinical studies have demonstrated that measurements from the heart, liver and intestinal surface reflect the metabolic processes that occur in the heart muscle, the liver parenchyma and intestinal lumen.

OnZurf Probe is used mainly for postoperative continuous sampling of substances that can be measured with CliniSenz Analyzer. The technology also allows the use of the OnZurf Probe as a continuous microdialysis sampler in clinical and preclinical studies together with Clinisenz Analyzer or other analytical systems, such as HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography).

ISO EN 13485 certificate

CE certificate

Brochure OnZurf Probe