Statement of the CEO

The most important event so far during the year was of course the FDA approval of TetraGraph in the US. We can now start sales in the world’s largest market, and I look forward to offering TetraGraph to the American Physicians.

In Quarter three the launch of TetraGraph accelerated with regulatory approval in both Korea and Japan. Our distributor in Korea followed up with additional orders and 100 TetraGraph systems were ordered by our Japanese license partner. The start of sales in Japan means that we will receive a milestone payment.

In Europe, intensive work is on-going to establish close and effective collaboration with key distributors in our focus countries Italy, Spain, France, the UK and Germany and the Nordic region.

The employees have a great enthusiasm and the management team is complete since the first of October. I have great confidence in our senior team, which I think is one of the most important prerequisites for successfully launching a new product.

In September our finances were strengthened with approximately SEK 30 million through a directed share issue. This will allow us to accelerate the roll-out of TetraGraph and to make recruitments of key staff in the US.

In the last quarter of the year, the highest priority will be the United States’ launch, with the recruitment of a US General Manager who is expected to start in quarter one 2020 when the registration of our subsidiary is final. Market initiatives are already underway with exhibitions during the last quarter, both at the U.S. largest anesthesia Congress ASA’s (American Society of Anesthesiology) annual meeting in October and PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology (PGA) in New York in December.

All the essential ingredients for a global roll-out of TetraGraph are now in place and we are ready for the amazing opportunities we are facing.

Uppsala in November 2019, Pia Renaudin, CEO of Senzime AB (publ)