Statement of the CEO

Approved product registration of the TetraGraph in the US was the highlight of the quarter and a breakthrough for Senzime. The approval means that we can start selling the system in the world’s largest market. Shortly thereafter, we were able to communicate that we have recruited a US General Manager who will establish Senzime in the US market, with sales both through distributors and directly to customers.

In January, we also finalized the registration of a wholly owned subsidiary, Senzime Inc., in Florida. The need for objective neuromuscular monitoring is very high in the United States and we are now looking forward to be a driving force in reducing anesthesia-related complications for millions of patients. We are ready with a very interesting product that meets great interest in the market, which is now rapidly adapting to the types of digital solutions we offer.

Major orders from Australia, Switzerland and South Korea, among others, have achieved our communicated target for 2019 of 300 delivered instruments and by the end of January 2020 we had delivered over 400 TetraGraph systems. Other orders during the year came from Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Italy. We have also recently signed distribution agreements with new partners in the UK and Poland.

I look forward to a very exciting 2020 with a continued focus on international expansion and to leverage the installed base of TetraGraph through recurring sales of TetraSens, our patented disposable electrodes.

Uppsala in February 2020, Pia Renaudin, CEO of Senzime AB (publ)