Statement of the CEO

We are now halfway into the year and work on the launch of TetraGraph continues at an intensive pace. A breakthrough order of 50 pcs. TetraGraph systems from South Korea in May were quickly followed by another order of 30 systems following Korean regulatory approval. Senzime’s training of our distributor’s 70 vendors on site in Seoul meant a really strong start in South Korea!

Our global roll-out of TetraGraph has begun. So far we have delivered systems to, among others, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Sweden. Our ambition is to deliver a total of 300 TetraGraph systems in 2019. This is a great start towards the long-term goal of building a large, globally installed TetraGraph base that generates ongoing sales of consumables.

Together with the Board, the management team has decided to focus the business in line with market demand and obvious commercial opportunities for TetraGraph. More and more countries are now introducing clinical guidelines that are fully in line with TetraGraph based on digital and objective monitoring of the patient. Senzime’s other products and development projects are therefore merged into a new business area for later licensing or commercialization in-house.

During the second half of 2019, our launch in the US will be given top priority. The recruitment process for a site manager is already underway as well as the work of setting up a subsidiary for the upcoming US operations. The new share issue during the current quarter aims to enable these investments. We have the financing, the product and the market opportunities in place to build something really big.

It will be an exciting autumn!

Uppsala in August 2019, Pia Renaudin, CEO of Senzime AB (publ)